Proverbs - Part 2

January 14, 2018

“Your Plan or God’s Plan?” - Proverbs 3:1-12 and 16:1-9

As sons and daughters of God we are given His wisdom, and His desire is that we are wise in our hearts and include him in our planning for 2018.


Celebrate - Part 6

December 31, 2017

Living in God’s Spiritual Kingdom frees us to pursue God’s holiness in our lives and in the lives of others.


Celebrate - Part 5

December 24, 2017

Communion reminds us that Jesus has come. The advent of Jesus resets our picture of humanity, restores our everyday experience, and redeems our sin & brokenness.


Celebrate - Part 4

December 17, 2017

God’s love revealed in Jesus’ coming is covenantal, unconditional, adoptive, affectionate, personal, sacrificial, present, secure, initiating, and practical. 

Advent is a season of preparing room in our hearts for Jesus by rehearsing the gospel story each day.  It can be a season of renewal and recalibration as we reorient, and reset life to revolve around God’s Story.  Some call this ‘re-storying our hearts (J.K. A. Smith).’ Hope of the Second Advent ‘restories’ our hearts to live in the darkness of now, with the hope, joy, peace, and love.  


Celebrate Part 3

December 10, 2017


Following Jesus does not guarantee a life free from pain or struggle, nor does it mean living now just waiting for eternity. Faith in Christ means finding our joy in Him no matter what life looks like.


Celebrate Part 2

December 3, 2017

The coming of Jesus is a message of God’s peace by God’s grace through God’s promised one who transforms his people into followers of Jesus who graciously pursue peace with others.


Celebrate Hope

November 26, 2017


Jesus was born in the flesh so that we might see God. Through being made alive in Him (spiritually born) we have an inheritance reserved in heaven, a living hope guaranteed to us by Christ.


King of Peace - Part 10

November 19, 2017

“Worship the King” Hebrews 13

The final thoughts in Hebrews are to take all that we have learned and put them into practice in the most effective way. It isn’t a list of moral behaviors but rather what transformation in Christ truly looks like in us.


King of Peace - Part 9

November 12, 2017


Christians look to Jesus who endured suffering and pain in this world for us, so that we might be encouraged to endure hardship for the sake of reaching the lost around us.


King of Peace - Part 8

November 5, 2017

Hebrews 11

Followers of Jesus share in a long, even ancient, history of the family of faith—men and women who received the grace of God, trusted the character of God, heeded the voice of God, and awaited the promises of the very end.